How do I teach my daughter about her fertility?

Natural Womanhood's Mothers of (Pre)Teens online course

Natural Womanhood's Mothers of (Pre)Teens online courseShe Needs You

Many girls feel ashamed and fearful of their periods, resentful of their fertility, and needlessly suffer through painful cycles—believing that all of this is simply their "lot in life" as women.

We recommend Natural Womanhood’s Mothers of (Pre) Teens online video course! It will help you teach her the complete story about puberty and her cycles, so that she can be knowledgeable, confident, and healthy in this area.

The course also helps you overcome common fears or concerns you may have about discussing these things with your daughter. It is designed to foster open, trusting communication with you on this intimate topic, at your own pace, at the right time.

Course Topics

The Mothers of (Pre) Teens course covers:

  • The “what” and “why” of puberty
  • The complete science of the cycle and fertility
  • How to manage her periods, emotions, and cycle health
  • An introduction to charting her cycle

What's Included?

Immediate access for 12 months to:

10 short and fun videos to watch together that cover:

  • Puberty: What changes in my body and why?
  • The design of my body from the inside out
  • How I feel and manage my cycles and my life
  • Being prepared, being healthy

4 colorful PDF guides:

  • Puberty: A step by step plan for going through the course
  • The science of fertility reference guide
  • A guide on managing your periods
  • Seeing a doctor: Why and when, how to prepare, and how to find one

Access to the private Facebook community.

Bonus! A section for moms with a PDF Guide about 7 key roadblocks and concerns and a recorded webinar about the science of the cycle.

Please note: Natural Womanhood’s Mothers of (Pre) Teens online course is NOT a sex-ed program. It does not discuss contraceptives or contraceptive use, nor does it provide information on pregnancy prevention and sexual behaviors.

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